A Full Featured Clipboard Manager for iOS and macOS.

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Copied for iOS

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Collect your clipboard data.

Save snippets of text, important links, and images in Copied in a variety of ways to best suit your workflow. The Today Widget lets you save clipboard data from anywhere by swiping down from the top of the screen. You can also use the Copied Clipper action extension to clip data from apps that uses the iOS share sheet. Copied has an in-app browser so that you can clip multiple snippets of text, images and links from any web page just by copying. Copied also works great on the iPad in split-view and slide over modes.

Quick access to saved data.

Copy saved clipping back to your clipboard from the app by swiping right. Use the Copied Keyboard to quickly insert saved text or links into any editor or text field. All your saved data is also accessible at any time and can be copied back to your clipboard directly from the Today Widget.

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Transform your text.

Copied provides some powerful text editing features to quickly clean up or transform copied text. Reformat your text using templates or write your own formatter using JavaScript. Apply text formatters to typed text in your favorite iOS text editor through the Copied Keyboard. Simply highlight and copy any text inside any text editor and select a formatter in the Copied Keyboard to replace the original text with a newly formatted text.


  • Save text, links and images.
    Copied will save plain text, rich text, html and webarchives. It also supports JPEG, PNG, GIF (animated), TIFF, BMP images.

  • Gestures
    When viewing a list of clippings swipe right to quickly copy any clipping to back to your clipboard. Swipe left for more options.

  • Share
    Share reformatted text, links and images with other apps or social networks using the share sheet.

  • Today Widget
    Preview, save or clear your clipboard from the widget. Quickly copy any of your saved clippings directly from the widget.

  • Keyboard
    Insert saved text directly into any app. Replace text with transformed text by copying the text and selecting a formatter in the keyboard.

  • Copied Clipper
    Clip text, images and links from any app's share sheet using the Copied Clipper action extension. Format your text and add titles to your clippings before saving.

  • In-App Browser
    Quickly save multiple snippets of text, images and links from any web page at once. Use the Copied Browser action from the Safari share sheet to jump over from Safari for a copying session.

  • Text formatters
    Reformat your text using templates or write your own formatter using JavaScript.

  • Batch Copying
    Copy multiple clippings to your clipboard at once.

Copied+ Features

  • iCloud Sync
    Sync your clippings and lists across all your iOS and macOS devices through your own private iCloud container.

  • Lists
    Create your own color-coded list to store and categorize an unlimited number of clippings.

  • Rules
    Write your own rules using regular expression to automatically save matching text, links and images in it's own list.

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Copied for macOS

Automatically save everything you copy or use per-application rules to whitelist or blacklist certain apps. Control the app without switching away from your current app with hotkeys. Organize your clippings in lists. Sync everything on iCloud, and update your clipboard from another device.

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Once launched, Copied remains in the background and saves up to 500 of the most recently copied text, link or image.


Make changes to any text clipping before copying it back to your clipboard. Clean up Copied text using text transforms.


Paste or drag and drop multiple clippings into another app.


Share saved text, links and images with other applications or social network.


User definable hotkeys allows you to quickly select a list, copy clippings to your clipboard and toggle other options.


Manage your clippings by creating lists and adding clippings to them. Drag and drop to rearrange them in any order you like.


Create per application rules to whitelist or blacklist items copied from certain apps or automatically add them to a list.

Batch Operation

Select multiple clippings and perform copy, merge, add to list, delete or drag and drop operations.


Copy clippings in its original formatting or a different formatting using our templates or create your own.


Choose between dark and light theme or have it automatically match the color of your menubar.

iCloud Sync

Sync all your clippings and lists to iCloud and access them on your Macs and iOS devices.

Clipboard Sync

Copy on any device and Clipboard Sync will automatically update the clipboard on all synced devices.

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* The Paste Helper will install a small script that lets you paste clippings directly into the active app.