Privacy Policy

Copied is a clipboard manager that stores a copy of the data that you've copied so you can use it again later on.

If you enable iCloud sync, all your data is stored in your own private container on iCloud. We DO NOT have any access to anything stored within your own private iCloud container. Apple secures your data by encrypting it when it is transmitted and stored in iCloud. Please refer to Apple’s iCloud security and privacy overview for more information regarding storing your data on Apple’s iCloud servers.

We understand that content you copy to your clipboard may sometimes contain private and sensitive data and therefore no user generated content saved in the app will ever be transmitted to us or any other third-parties.

The Copied third party keyboard extension DOES NOT require “Full Access” to use on iOS 8.3 and above. If you do have to enable “Allow Full Access” please note that the keyboard does not log any user input and does not require internet access to use. On eariler versions of iOS, “Full Access” is required for the keyboard extension to retrieve your lists and copied data from the main app. Full Access is also required if you wish to copy content to or save content from your clipboard.

Information We Collect and How We Use It

  • Usage logs. Copied automatically logs some app activity for diagnostic purposes. These logs are stored locally on your device and are not automatically transmitted. If we require you to transmit these logs to us for diagnostic purposes, please rest assured that the logs only contain metadata (e.g. data types, identifiers) and not the text, url or image data that you’ve copied or saved to the app.
  • Crash reports. Copied uses Crashlytics for crash reporting. In the event of a crash, a crash report will automatically be transmitted to Crashlytics on the next launch. We access these crash reports to fix problems with the app. These crash reports do not contain any identifying information or data that you’ve saved in the app.

Your Consent

By using Copied for iOS or Copied for macOS, you consent to our privacy policy.


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Changes to this policy

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This policy was last modified on December 5, 2015